Supporting Nepali Communities suffering hardships



Community Support Nepal (CSN) was established in the UK to help the victims of two deadly earthquakes that crushed the mountainous country of Nepal in April/May 2015, which almost turned the whole mountainous region into rubble.

Thousands of people were killed, millions people were made homeless and last, but not least, thousands of children became orphans.  As everyone, we were touched and saddened by what we saw, so we immediately started to support the Earthquake victims which ever way we could by establishing an appeal fund called Nepal Fund 2015 Earthquake Appeal.

As time went on, we realised the victims of the earthquakes needed steady support than just providing for emergencies and leaving them alone at this difficult time.  We are committed to provide sustainable support in the relief of Nepali communities suffering hardship or distress, as a result of any disasters, in the following areas:



The Advancement of Health or Saving of Lives


The Prevention or Relief of Poverty

Economic/Community Development/Employment

Human Rights/Religious or Racial Harmony/Equality or Diversity

Other Charitable Purposes

Such as:

Rebuilding Homes

Our support will be focused on rebuilding homes, livelihoods of remote rural villagers and communities.  Priority will be given to the elderly and children.

Support the Relief of Poverty & Sickness

Support the relief of poverty and sickness where disasters have exacebated existing development work, through the organisation of Healthcare Workers visiting areas and in the support of health education promotion activities workshops and interactive community events.

Providing Advice & Support

Offering appropriate advice and support for the children’s future opportunities and monitoring their progress as they grow older.

Helping Homeless Children

Direct help will be provided to the children, who have become homeless, orphaned and living on the streets, by linking them with known families and/or support networks.

Education Opportunities

Assist with getting, at least, basic educational opportunities for disadvantaged children and young people with the provision of education materials, financial support and volunteer teaching for schools, encouraging school attendance without discrimination to caste, creed, gender or religion.

Helping Disadvantaged Children

Help disadvantaged young people and children in being aware of the dangers and influence beyond their communities, with particular focus to support awareness in being streetwise and thus avoiding the dangers of violence, the exploitation of child labour and trafficking, which some times results in being street children.  With our commitment and your support we can save many children from being abused in this way.

Registered Charity 1170073

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