Supporting Nepali Communities suffering hardships



Education for Street Children in Kathmandu

As well as home and educational support, the children are given many other benefits including love and care in a family environment, access to healthcare and social activities. They are encouraged to attend school and learn a formal education, but it’s done gradually so that they have a transitional time from street culture to the mainstream culture.

Once a child joins and becomes the member of the street society they find it extremely difficult to return back into mainstream society.  We have created an environment in which they have fun and become part of a family, which in return inspires them to study and become a good citizen of the nation.   We also encourage those street children who have families to return back them, at the same time, giving them the knowledge that they can return back to us whenever they wish.

Homes for Street Children in Kathmandu

Our Home Awareness Project is to educate the whole community about the dangers on the streets.  We also make them aware of the risks and dangers of being exploited in drugs, sex and child trafficking. Nepal is one of those countries that is notorious in using children for these activities.

We inspire children to stay in the villages with their parents and give them the education they need before they come to the cities.  These activities are done in dedicated community centres/schools.


The main aims and objectives of this project are

  • To raise awareness about the importance of education.
  • To provide support for the families who are from the poorest and/or Dalit families and struggling to maintain schooling costs.
  • To support the skills of the local people by contracting to make uniforms, shoes and stationary supply which will create further livelihood opportunities and improve their quality of life.
  • To work in partnership with local government authorities, schools, teachers, parents and local communities to improve the schooling environment for children.

How much does it cost?

To send a child to a village school for a year costs £155.  This includes textbooks, exercise books, stationery, uniforms, bags, sandals and schools fees, etc.

We run a sponsorship programme to support the family to send their children to school.  It can be personalised which means you can choose and sponsor a child from one year to many.

Rebuilding Project

We have also been working hard to provide logistical and financial support to rebuild the villages that were destroyed by the two worse earthquakes to ever hit Nepal in April/May 2015.

The rebuilding work has already started and lots of houses are already completed.  We are very hopeful that the rebuilding project will be completed soon allowing most of the villagers to have a house to live in.

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